SandBagger Downloads
(Personal Edition)

The Application Guide (which is also included with the SandBagger downloads and can be accessed here) will give you very important information about:
     >  The License Agreement, which you must accept
     >  Installation prerequisites and available options
     >  Support Information
All downloads below are for a SandBagger Series VIII copy. If you have any questions or need support, please use the Contact Us button.

New Installation Downloads:

(Release 01-Dec-19)
(R3 - 231 MB)
A new installation download (Complete or Base) will not be successful and should NOT be attempted if:
      > You have a copy of Office older than 2010 installed (see Service Note below), or
      > You are using a Windows version older than Win 7.
Please see the Application Guide for more information.

Use a Complete Download to download and install a new copy of the SandBagger with Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime (cannot be used to update an older SandBagger copy).
If you have a copy of Access 2016 or newer, or your PC is installed on a LAN, use a Base Download instead.

Use the Base Download to just install a new copy of the SandBagger files and use a version of Access 2010 or newer version you have on your PC to run it (cannot be used to update an older SandBagger copy).
An older full version of Access 2010 might not run the SandBagger - if you are having problems, install Service Pack SP1 or install a copy of Access 2010 Runtime (available from the Microsoft website). If installed on a PC on a LAN, be sure there is a suitable copy of 32 Bit Access installed on the LAN.
After a base installation, if you are attempting to run the SandBagger file, you will see a security warning when opening the application. If you are using a full Access version, you will need to add the SandBagger directory to the trust settings in your copy of Access (typically C:\SBWGOLF - you can check the installation location on the Credits screen in the SandBagger). If you only have and are using a runtime version, contact us and we will send you a program to fix that.
Update Download:

(Release 01-Dec-19)
(R3 - 22 MB)
If you are currently using an Access 2007 version (full or runtime), please be advised that you will probably have trouble in future running any copy of the SandBagger as Microsoft no longer provides support for these versions. See the Service Note below.

Installation of this Update Download is mandatory if your current copy is Version 10.71.02 or older, but newer than Version 10.16.01.    
Service Note
We are very sorry but we have had to deprecate SandBagger installations using the Access 2007 Runtime version previously distributed with the SandBagger. While an update to your SandBagger copy may continue to work with Access 2007 for the immediate future, if you are using that version (full or runtime), Microsoft's security and feature updates may cause serious problems with it - use at your own risk.
To continue to use the SandBagger trouble free, the only solution will be to upgrade your Office Access copy to 2013 (or newer) or to replace your 2007 runtime version with an Access 2013 Runtime one (downloadable from the Microsoft website - Click Here - be sure to use file
AccessRuntime_x86_en-us.exe). If you do this, when starting the SandBagger you may see a security message - to remove this warning, contact us and we will sent you a program to fix that.

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