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What is the SandBagger?

This licensed, copyrighted and absolutely free 30th Anniversary SandBagger Personal Edition is a PC software application which is specifically designed to assist non-professional golf event organizers who want to manage the required tasks in one place, and to maintain control of all aspects of the organizing process. This free application is not intended for commercial use - we are providing it as our gift to the golfing community at large to help promote the game.
The SandBagger was created as an MS Access application and requires an installed 32BIT version of Access to run (for more information, see Installing and Activating the SandBagger below). It includes many features other similar apps do not - use the Product Sheet button to the left to access the SandBagger Product Description sheet, which contains an overview of features in the application. Because it allows for multi-day competitions, it can even be used for leagues.
Why Use the SandBagger? The SandBagger is a complete golf tournament management application with many options. With the SandBagger, you can configure and manage any number of most types of social golf tournaments, from simple competitions to complex ones with special requirements. It can take significant time and effort to become familiar with the application and then to set up and manage a tournament using it, but if you hold similar future ones, time will be greatly reduced since there is an available copy function.

As an organizer of a simple tournament, you may find the special tools (such as Excel spreadsheets) you may have developed or are currently using for the tournaments you are organizing will meet your needs. However, you may enjoy the integrated aspects of the SandBagger, including special options in the SandBagger such as the ability to create receipts and hole/competition prize lists, generate emails from within the application to send messages and PDF reports, and to enter scores using OMR scorecards.

In any case, feel free to try it -  it will at least help rationalize and support the required activities, and create permanent records, in one place. This application is obviously intended for use by golfers with an understanding of the rules of the game and who are knowledgeable about the many requirements of tournament organization. However, if organizing a tournament is new to you, the SandBagger is a great information resource containing explanations of various tournament types, handicapping options and a checklist of suggested activities for novice golf tournament organizers.
How it Works:

The SandBagger uses Access forms (screens) to configure and use it. The flowsheet below shows the basic
steps to get started - after initial configuration, all scoring and reporting options will be available for your
Events/Competitions. Detailed help and explanations of all required actions are included in the application.

About Nine Hole Competitions: The SandBagger does not support tournament or league competitions that are nine holes in length, but can be used if you are prepared to create equivalent 18 hole rounds by using the same nine hole segment for all front and back nines, and entering same player nine hole scores for both nines. The current release includes the capability for some Competitions to duplicate a set of front nine scores to the back nine with the push of a button on the applicable scoring screen. Help for this procedure is available in the SandBagger.
Installing and Activating the SandBagger:

The SandBagger is a PC application that must use a suitable Access 32 Bit version to run it.
Two download versions are available - a complete installation, which includes and installs a copy of Access 2007 Runtime to run the SandBagger, and a base installation which only installs the SandBagger files. Please be aware than other websites may offer either download without advising which one you will be downloading from their site. To confirm which download version you need to use, or you are having problems with the version you installed, please review the details at the Downloads page or in the Downloads section on the Support page.

Downloaded copies initially have a thirty day demo/evaluation period to avoid the proliferation of old copies that will not run correctly. Download and install the full featured SandBagger Demo application and try it for 30 days. If you wish to keep it operational past the end of this period, register (absolutely free) to activate it, and to access updates and full technical support for your copy.

We provide full support (including updates) to registered SandBagger users, but only installation support to users of unactivated copies. However, SandBagger versions/releases/builds from this and other sites older than the ones shown here at this website are obsolete, may not work correctly and are not supported. If you are attempting to use one of these older versions, you must update your copy to avoid problems.

The SandBagger is intended for serious users, but because it's free, we know a lot of folks download and install it out of curiosity. We have had many thousands of downloads to date and the application has been successfully used for a very large number of tournaments worldwide.
About SandBagger  Updates:

Updates are only available to registered users. To avoid problems please make sure your copy is up to date, particularly before attempting to use it at a golf course!
Update Program:
We often issue SandBagger updates, and if you are a SandBagger user, we wish to thank you for your patience. Many things can cause a disruption to the run status of any SandBagger copy, and we closely monitor potential problems such as PC environment changes due to system updates, and Access compatibility issues across various Access versions that pop up from time to time. However, we have limited resources to test this free application, so it is very important that our users let us know of any problem they may have with their copy.
Checking for an Update:
The SandBagger accesses our website to determine the status of your copy. If the internet is available and your browser is not using cached pages, your copy should display a message on the Start screen if your copy requires an update. The current status will also be displayed on the SandBagger Credits and Support screens.

Once in a while we may identify a minor problem with a current release that may affect some users. Rather than issuing a new dated release, we may just revise the available update and usually we will post the revised version here at the Update page. A sub-release indicator (e.g. R0) will show on screens in the SandBagger (such as Credits) that show release information. If it is not the same as the one shown at the bottom of this page and you are having a problem with your copy, please install the available update. In any case, if you have a problem, your first step will be to install or reinstall the current update.

An update to an activated SandBagger copy can be downloaded and installed or reinstalled any time for any dated copy, or any version 10.16.01 or newer. Even if you are not experiencing a problem with your copy, be sure to keep your copy up to date, particularly when it has been a while since you last used it and before you go to the course.
Having a  Problem with the SandBagger?

Current Update:
10-Aug-19 (R0)
If your copy is not activated, please register before attempting troubleshooting - updates and full support are only available for activated copies.
If your SandBagger copy opens but you are having a problem with it, first be sure your copy is up to date (see 'Checking for an Update' above). If you are having a problem installing an update, or the problem with the application persists after installing the current update, please let us know using the Support Request button on the Support screen in the SandBagger.

If your copy will not open, please check the Support page here for an answer. If your problem is not covered there, please let us know using the Contact Us page at this website.

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