The SandBagger - Download
(Personal Edition

Download Available Here:
     SandBagger Personal Edition:  Release 01-Jan-19 (2019 b70.01 R0)
       (You cannot use this download to update a previous SandBagger installation - use an Update instead.)
Before Downloading: The SandBagger WILL NOT RUN on Apple devices! It is a PC application with many options available to support virtually any company or social tournament. If you haven't already, please review the information on the "About the SandBagger" page before downloading to be sure it will meet your needs. Certain prerequisites must be met before attempting to install the SandBagger! Before downloading, you should review the Installation Requirements document or the Downloads section on the Support page.
To initially install and then use the Sandbagger, you must accept the License Agreement. SandBagger downloads are integrated into tamperproof self-extracting setup files which do not contain publisher information. Although the SandBagger itself is digitally signed, downloading or running a SandBagger installer may generate warnings that it is not normally downloaded or run (caused by browser add-ons or your computer operating system). If this should occur, you can safely ignore the warnings.
The downloads shown below are fully functional for a 30 day evaluation period. After installation, you must register your Sandbagger copy at this website (absolutely free - no gimmicks and your information is secure!) and activate it to remove the 30 day restriction and to access full support and all update releases. Use the Register button on the Home page or the Register button on the Support screen in the SandBagger.
Before attempting to use the SandBagger, it is VERY IMPORTANT to review the Application Basics help file (available using the Event Management button on the Help Index screen). While using the SandBagger, failure to observe the requirements described there may result in the application terminating without warning!

You are also encouraged to use the context sensitive help buttons in the application, and to consult the detailed information in the searchable Help PDF file (download accessible from the application Help Index screen). Be aware that the SandBagger accesses files at our website when it is opened and Internet access is available, and these files are used to show the current status and available updates. Because it may be using files cached by your browser, you may see incorrect information - to fix this, be sure your browser is set to not cache files, or just reload each page you visit!

To run on any PC, the SandBagger must use an appropriate installed 32 Bit version of Microsoft Access©.
Sandbagger downloads available here never contain viruses, advertising or third-party addins, and have been created with and optimized for 32 bit Access 2013/2016. The SandBagger will only work with certain 32 Bit versions of Access (MS Office - see below). Please remember that you cannot install the SandBagger if you have a version of MS Office older than 2007 installed on your computer or network, and you will have problems running the SandBagger if you attempt to use it on a removable or network drive.
Installation Options:
A Complete Installation as shown to the left will install a 32 Bit version of Access 2007 Runtime with the SandBagger to run it. A Base Installation will only install the SandBagger application files.

If your PC is Standalone:
Depending on what 32 Bit Access version you have on your standalone computer, you should be able to use the appropriate installation method shown to the left.

If Your PC Uses Server-based Programs on a LAN:
In this case you must use a Base Installation method and your LAN must have a 32 Bit version of Access 2007, 2010 (must be the runtime version),  2013 or 2016 (check with your IT folks if necessary).
You will very likely encounter a problem attempting to run the SandBagger using any 64 Bit version of MS Office already installed, but you can try using a Base Installation. If it doesn't work, a 32 Bit version must be installed and used as shown above.

If you are using a full 32 Bit version of Access 2010, you can use a Complete Installation but you may wish to download and install the 2010 runtime
from the Microsoft website to avoid multiple Access versions on your PC, and then use a Base Installation instead.

Before attempting to run the SandBagger when multiple Access versions are installed, right-click on the SandBagger icon, select 'Open With' and select the 32 Bit runtime version installed. Unfortunately, with certain multiple versions of Access installed, as you switch from one Access version to another Office will take some time to adjust Access parameters before opening an application.
Complete Installation:

Download the Complete Installer File to your desktop and run it from there. Before attempting installation, please make sure to close any running Microsoft Office programs.

SandBagger Complete
Installer File
(84 MB)

Base Installation:

SandBagger base files must  always install to the C:\SBWGOLF directory. Download the Base Installer File to your desktop and run it from there. By installing this base package, you are agreeing to the EULA (see the Credits screen in the application).
SandBagger Base
Installer File

(27 MB)

After a Base Installation, when you try to open the SandBagger your installed Access version will usually block SandBagger macros and display a notice indicating a potential security concern. You can choose to ignore this notice each time and continue without problems. However, if you wish to remove this notification when the SandBagger starts, you will need to trust the SandBagger installation directory (C:\SBWGOLF) in your copy of Access. For details, see "Base Installation" in the Installing the SandBagger section at the Support page.

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