The SandBagger - Registration
(Personal Edition)

If You Have
in the Past:
Lost your activation code? If you have previously registered any copy of the SandBagger Personal Edition (or think you may have), please do not attempt to re-register using the form below. Use the form or an email address at the Contact Us page.
Please request your activation code by email using the Support Request button on the Support screen in the application, or the request form on the Contact Us page.
For a New
Registration is absolutely free, but is governed by verification criteria (see below) and the terms and conditions of a License Agreement! By registering a copy of the SandBagger you only agree to receive periodic news about the application by email.
Registering and activating your SandBagger copy enables access to any needed updates (free), and free personalized technical support for the life of this Personal Edition. The activation code can be used at any time after the application has been installed, even if the demo period has been exceeded. Your registration and permitted use of the application will remain in effect unless you notify us of your wish to remove the registration, or you  request us to stop sending these emails, or your email address we have on file becomes invalid.

Submission Instructions: To register your unactivated copy of the SandBagger and obtain an activation code, complete and submit the registration form below.
To avoid problems, please make sure your email address is correct! Certain email clients may treat our emails to you as spam - after submitting your registration, check your spam settings and make sure they allow email from sbwgolf.com!
After you hit 'Submit Registration' on the form below, a message that your submission has been successfully sent should be displayed, and we will then automatically verify your submission (to ensure it meets licensing requirements) using the following criteria. In any case, we reserve the right to refuse registration to anyone.
  • The Personal Edition of the SandBagger can only be registered and activated by a person (using a personal legal name and not an alias or nickname), and not by a club, association or business.
  • Each registration request will be checked for authenticity - checks include verifying the submitted name and email address, and that all form field entries are recognizable, realistic and do not contain duplicated or special characters.
  • Only one activation code can be assigned per person registering.
If your registration is successful, you should receive an Activation Code from us by email within five business days. If you do not receive the Activation Code by the end of the five day period, you can contact us using the Contact Us page or the Support Request button on the application Support screen. You should also recheck your spam settings and folder(s)!

Registration Form:  
Before submitting your registration request, please carefully review the information you have entered. Your request may be rejected without notification if there is a problem with your submission. We treat the registration information you send us as confidential, and will not  be distributed or disclosed to any third party.
Your Personal
Last Name:
Email Address:

(The address used must be valid!)

Location - City:

(or Country if not  Canada or USA)


(Release ID or Version # is located at the bottom of the SandBagger Start screen)

Download Site:
If you have completed all entries and you hit Submit Registration, it may appear as if nothing
 is happening - this is because processing your submission can take up to 30 seconds to finish.
Please give it time to complete, and do not hit Submit again!

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