The SandBagger -
Release and File Lists
(Personal Edition)


Installed SandBagger Files:
All SandBagger files listed below are typically installed in the C:\SBWGOLF directory of your computer. Except for the dated backup files, changing any of these file names will cause errors in the application.

Primary Application Files:  
SBGOLFII.accdr Primary SandBagger application base file
SBWII_Templates.xls Templates for OMR forms and Player Import lists - follow instructions in workbook.
SBWCallawayInstructions.txt Text file templates for instructions on the back of scorecards. Use as the basis to create new custom instruction files with a different file name.
SBWII Installation ACC2007.pdf Installation instructions for full and update versions
SBWII Software License.pdf SandBagger License Agreement
SBGOLFII YY-MM-DD (##).accbk Dated backup application file(s) created when application closes (up to two created for each SandBagger release/version installed to date)
SBWII Icon32x32.ico Icon used by the application (© 1994-2019  ICSE Group Inc.)
Select1.wav Sound file used by the application
Updater Files:
SBGOLFII.bak Temporary backup of application base file (file date will indicate when the latest update was installed). Do NOT use this as a restorable backup!
SBGOLFIIu.accdr Special file created and used by application updating process (not a usable file)
SBWRestore.bat This is a special file only used by the update process to restore an application if the update is terminated part way through the process.

SandBagger Release History:
(Series VII)
b70.06 08-Apr-19
This release iincludes two new guides, several updated/corrected forms/reports, and processing updates. This is a benchmarked 2019 release.
The following releases are obsolete, may not work correctly and are no longer supported but can be updated.
(Series VII)
b70.05 16-Mar-19 This release includes reorganized help information, updates and adds tee suggestions to draw team management screens, and processing updates required by environment changes.
  b70.04 09-Feb-19  This release corrects a critical error in the last release.
b70.03 02-Feb-19 This release updates a number of forms, resolves several form inconsistencies, revises two player team score reports and includes several important processing updates.
  b70.02 02-Jan-19 This release  includes important form and processing updates.
  b70.01 01-Jan-19 This release  includes revisions to email options and auxiliary two player team Competitions, and updated forms and application processing updates.
(Series VI)
b62.01 25-Aug-18 This release  includes an extension to email options, several updated forms and application processing updates.
  b61.05 28-Jul-18 This release includes various revamped forms, a number of new features, and application processing updates.
b61.04 22-Jun-18 This release includes various corrective form and application processing updates.
  b61.03 26-May-18 This release includes includes revisions to accessing options for Players/Participants, golf facilities/segments and Events. It also adds the ability to use a national average for handicap indices when a player's index is missing, and includes several required application processing updates.
b61.02 21-Apr-18 This release includes updates to a number of forms (including addition of a handicap sequence calculator) and processing updates to resolve a number of problems.
b61.01 23-Mar-18 This release includes major changes to the way flights are used, corrects several problems with golf segment and adding competition forms, and a number of other form updates.
(Series V)
b52.01 24-Feb-18 This release includes several touchups, and corrects form typographical errors that have slipped by us and a processing error which will keep older full downloads from working correctly.
b51.03 03-Feb-18 This release changes the way we issue updates, focusing on the date of the release rather than a version, year or build number. It includes revamped help files, several new data verification processes, corrects several form errors, and changes required by recent PC platform updates.
b51.02 01-Jan-18 This build corrects various two player team competition option issues.
b51.01 31-Dec-17 This build includes addition of a stand-alone two player Competition option, as well as many associated changes throughout the application including changes to accommodate MS updates.
(Series IV)
b44.01 10-Sep-17 This build includes changes to accommodate MS updates, and significant updates to a variety of forms (in particular, Draw Team Management - added a new/revised Team list form) and a number of new data verification checks. A utility to view current saved SandBagger backups has also been added.
  b43.06 01-Jul-17 This build includes changes to accommodate MS updates, enhancements to scoring screens including a row display highlight that activates when the focus is on any score record, and additional search support for scramble team scoring forms.
  b43.05 01-Jun-17 This build is released to resolve problems due to very recent system changes.
  b43.04 23-May-17 This build includes substantial changes to Event payments/receipts processing to allow receipts to be emailed as PDFs, and a few minor form changes to handle OS updates.
  b43.03 06-Apr-17 This build includes changes to various forms, including flights management, events setup, player addition/replacement, and form enhancements/corrections to handle OS changes.
  b43.02 21-Feb-17 This updates a number of forms, includes revisions to flights management and accommodates recent MS updates. Although not essential, users should install the update to avoid future problems.
  b43.01 01-Jan-17 This is the first annual benchmark release, and accommodates recent MS updates, upgrades a number of forms and adds report and selection options for groups of Participants/Players.
Series III : *13-Oct-16 Version 10.29.01
   (Build b4216.02 )
Corrects a problem which will prevent the application from opening if our website is not available.
  * 02-Sep-16 Version 10.29.01
   (Build b4216.01)
Baseline final Version 10 release, includes operational corrections and course handicap management changes. Version releases have been discontinued in favor of build updates from this date onwards.
  * 01-Aug-16 Version 10.28.02 Includes help file updates to clarify recent changes, and many form enhancements and updates to correct inconsistencies. Corrects ongoing operational problems with recent releases.
  * 09/14-Jul-16 Version 10.28.01 Corrects ongoing operational problems with recent releases.
  * 04-Jul-16 Version 10.27.02/03 Extends the Leaderboard display to all Competitions (IP, 4PT, 2P and 4P) and includes changes to the way Two Player Competitions are configured and managed, updates help files and additions and modifications to various forms.
  * 14-Jun-16 Version 10.27.01 Includes a change to adding players to draw teams, adds 4PT blind draw and IP flights management options, adds a Competition course handicap adjustment factor, shows course handicap distributions on certain blank scorecards, adds a four ball pairings option for 2P teams and adds a golf segment copy feature.
  * 08-May-16 Version 10.26.02 Includes changes to accommodate recent Microsoft updates, and a revamped Navigation menu, a new Flights Management feature, updates and corrections to several forms and help files, and a modified activation procedure for new users.
  * 26-Mar-16 Version 10.26.01 Includes changes to the way SandBagger updates are displayed and managed, and form and help updates
  * 20-Feb-16 Version 10.25.02 OPTIONAL UPDATE ONLY - includes minor cosmetic changes to 10.25.01
  * 13-Feb-16 Version 10.25.01 This iincludes processing repairs and consolidated menu forms
  * 01-Jan-16 Version 10.24.01 This is a benchmarked update which includes numerous form update and processing repairs.
Series II: * 25-Oct-15 Version 10.23.01 A  large number of processing updates/bug repairs required due to previous version and operating system changes causing problems with certain options. The application was updated to Access 2013 standards.
  * 11-Sep-15 Version 10.22.01 A  large number of processing updates/bug repairs required due to remnants of previous version changes causing problems with certain SandBagger options.
  * 14-Aug-15 Version 10.21.01 Major update that adds auxiliary two and four player team competition options to base Medal and Stableford ones, and includes numerous resulting form and report updates. Previous dated versions of this update have been recinded - update required using the current 14-Aug-15 version.
  * 01-Jul-15 Version 10.20.04 Major update that adds new scramble reports, receipt signature panel capability  and includes various important form/processing updates and corrections.
  * 15-May-15 Version 10.20.03 Major update that adds the Ambrose team handicapping option for scrambles and includes various important form/processing updates and corrections.
  * 15-Apr-15 Version 10.20.02 (R2) Optional release adds Bisque/Par values to the stroke play statistics report and replaces all problematic ActiveX date pickers with native versions. This version replaces a similar one dated 13-Apr-15 that had problems. Please reinstall or update if problems from the previous posted version occur.
  * 03-Mar-15 Version 10.20.02 (R1) Major update including numerous enhancements, processing changes and adjustments required by recent changes to handicapping options, and adds new export options.
  * 02-Feb-15 Version 10.20.01 Major update including addition of new distributed handicapping options for Stableford and Medal IP Manual Competitions.
  * 22-Dec-14 Version 10.19.01 (R2)
* 11-Dec-14 Version 10.19.01 (R1)
Major update including numerous form enhancements, new reports and ability to directly generate PDF files from reports. Second release corrects a minor problem which some users may experience.
  * 05-Sep-14 Version 10.18.02 Changes made to accommodate recent MS updates and to correct a receipt printing problem.
  * 15-Aug-14 Version 10.18.01 Major benchmark form and processing updates. Scoring screens now show entries with no scores displaying first on screen, and new reports have been added to Prize Management.
  * 01-Jul-14 Version 10.17.03 Includes a number of form and processing updates.
  * 28-Apr-14 Version 10.17.02/a Corrects application window sizing/resizing and display problems with certain montor/laptop displays, and includes minor processing updates.
  * 08-Feb-14 Version 10.17.01 New Participant database reports accessible from Participants/Players screens, as well as a new export to allow exporting player Competition scores. It also includes several form and report updates.
  * 08-Dec-13 Version 10.16.07 License change, system update, numerous form updates, and corrections to scoring form displays.
  * 15-Oct-13 Version 10.16.06/A Various form and report updates; Added ability to manage tournament prizes and add Team names
  * 10-Aug-13 Version 10.16.05 Various form updates; Added ability to accumulate and report statistics for special competitions. Notification of updates will no longer be emailed , but will be posted on the app Start page of registered installations.
  * 06-Jul-13 Version 10.16.04 Various form updates; Added automatic notification of updates to Nav screen (registered users only), and printable pdf Help files at the Help Index screen
  * 23-Jun-13 Version 10.16.03 Added ability to create Event participant receipts
  * 03-Jun-13 Version 10.16.02 Enhancements to forms, bug fixes
* 13-Apr-13 Version 10.16.01 Enhancements to scoring forms, bug fixes, and a LeaderBoard display added. Users can now resize the application window. The website data storage utility option is no longer available.
The following releases are obsolete, will not work correctly, are no longer supported and cannot be updated.
Series I: * 29-Apr-12 Version 10.15.02 Maintenance release - form updates and revisions correcting various operability issues. Importing player data from an Excel file has been moved from Special Utilities to the Manage Players procedure.
  * 31-Jan-12 Version 10.15.01 Major update - numerous forms/reports updates and  enhancements, as well as operability improvements: includes new comprehensive Competition copy procedure and skins report, and a streamlined update procedure
  * 26-Jun-11 Version 10.14.01 Major benchmark release including forms/reports updates and  enhancements, as well as correcting certain operability issues
  * 28-May-11 Version 10.13.01 Includes forms/reports updates and  enhancements
  * 30-Mar-11 Version 10.12.04 Maintenance release including minor user form updates. Corrected an updater version problem
  * 10-Mar-11 Version 10.12.03 Maintenance release including minor user form updates; Added custom scorecard generation capability and general help index
  * 15-Jan-11 Version 10.12.02 Maintenance release including minor user form updates
  * 31-Oct-10 Version 10.12.01 Major audit repairing issues with operability; Statistics reports added for Medal and Stableford competitions;
  * 14-Oct-10 Version 10.11.02 Resolves multi-session competitions issues; updates to several forms and help files 
  * 18-Sep-10 Version 10.11.01 Minor error corrections not affecting operability were needed to several forms and help files ; Additional menu (Competitions Quick Access) added
  * 08-Aug-10 Version 10.10.04 Minor error corrections not affecting operability were incorporated to several forms and help files
  * 10-Jul-10 Version 10.10.03  Recent Windows 7 and Vista updates may have caused certain operability problems relating to application backups - this version fixes these problems
  * 05-Jul-10 Version 10.10.02 Website problems encountered which may have caused operability issues for updates downloaded from this site during the period July 1 to July 4  - this production version replaces V10.10.01
  * 01-Jul-10 Version 10.10.01 First release of new Version 10 personal edition rewrite

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