Installing an Update
(Personal Edition)


The procedure for installing an update is similar to the one for installing a full SandBagger application. If you experience an error at any step in the update procedure, record the error and the Step Number below where it occurred and send us an email for advice (use the Support Request button on the application Help Index page, or the Technical Support address on the Contact Us page here). You can also check the Support page for troubleshooting information.
1. Before proceeding, close the SandBagger and all Microsoft programs. Verify you have downloaded the current Updater file  (SBWUpdate.exe) and saved it on your computer's desktop. Run this file from your Desktop and click OK when you see a screen similar to the one at right. Bat
2.  When you see the screen at right, click Setup, or you can cancel the installation at this point. Start
3.  A window with a black background that looks similar to the one at right will open. It will do the necessary file checks and copies without any interaction from you.

If the setup fails at this point, there will be an error shown in this window, otherwise it will complete and then disappear. If it displays an error, contact SweetSpot for advice.
4.  If the process is going OK, you should see a screen like the one at right. Click on Continue and the update should proceed. This step can take several minutes if it is executing OK, so please be patient.

If you click Quit at this point, the update will not be installed and your version should be automatically restored and started. If it does not, contact Sweetspot for advice.
5. After an update has successfully completed, a message to that effect will be displayed and your updated version should start. Startup

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