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Available Update:
25-Aug-18 (b62.01 R0)
This release includes an extension to email options, several updated forms and application processing updates.
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When do You Need to Install an Update?
To avoid problems with the SandBagger, you will need to install an update when one of two conditions exist:

  • The copy you are using shows a release date older than the one shown above or it shows a version number older than 10.30.01 but newer than 10.16.01:
    The Start screen on your copy should show a message that it needs an update. Since older copies are obsolete and will not work correctly, please download this available update and update your copy.
  • The copy you are using shows a sub-release value lower than the one shown above:
    The available update above may have been revised since being originally issued, and what appears to be an up-to-date SandBagger copy may contain a problem that may only affect certain users. When we identify a problem like this, we will release a revised update to correct it.
    With the current releases, we are now using a sub-release indicator (e.g. R0) at the bottom left of the Start screen in your copy of the SandBagger to show the current sub-release status. If you have a problem and the sub-release shown above is higher than the one shown in your copy, please download the newer update and update your copy. If the problem continues, send us a Support Request.

For more information about updates and support, please visit the "About the SandBagger" page.
If you haven't already done so,
Register your copy and activate it to access the update.

Updates, Updates, and More Updates!

Updates can be and often are a pain in the neck! We have been in the software development business for many years, and we perhaps made an unfortunate choice to host this free application on a very dynamic platform such as Microsoft Access
© (for example, we never know when a compiler glitch creates a problem in the application). However, we are stuck with it and we have been doing the best we can to provide a stable and trouble-free application.

Adding an unprecedented number of enhancements to the SandBagger and keeping up with changes in PC environments has required us to issue an outrageous number of updates, and that is unfortunate - my apologies, and I wish to thank those of you who have stuck with the SandBagger these last few years. We are still open for suggestions, but I am hoping and expecting the current update (the most stable and comprehensive one to date) will be one of the last.

When we decided to make the free SandBagger available, it was because we foresaw a time when we would be closing down our SweetSpot Software business, and we wanted to leave a legacy with the golfing community. That time is approaching, not this year but in the near future. In any case, we will try to ensure a long life for the application, and we wish you the best with your golfing activities. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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