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Available Update:
10-Aug-19 (b71.02 R0)
This release includes a variety of form corrections and processing updates, including consolidation and revamps to prize management related items.
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When do You Need to Install an Update?
We have encountered many problems with unofficial downloads from sites other than this one - we have very little control of the versions being advertised at these sites, and a lot of these copies are obsolete. If you have downloaded and installed the SandBagger using one of these many sites, to avoid problems with the SandBagger you will need to install an update. In any case, the copy you are attempting to use will not run correctly and will require updating when one of two conditions exist:
Release is older than the one shown above: The Start screen on your copy should show a message that an update is available or it requires an update.
Sub-release value is lower than the one shown above: The available update above may have been revised since being originally issued, and what appears to be an up-to-date SandBagger copy may contain a problem that may only affect certain users. When we identify a problem like this, we will release a revised update to correct it. The sub-release value above (e.g. R#) will be higher than the one showing in your copy.
For more information about updates and support, please visit the "About the SandBagger" page. If you have a problem with an update, or continue to have a problem after installing an update, please send us a support request either using the Support screen in the SandBagger, or the Request Form at the Contact Us page here.

A Message from the President, ICSE Group Inc.
2019 marks the ninth anniversary of this free version of the application - we expect any updates we issue  this year will be needed to correct any operational problems that have crept in, and may add a few new features you should find useful.

When we decided to make the free SandBagger available, it was because we foresaw a time when we would be closing down our SweetSpot Software business, and we wanted to leave a legacy with the golfing community. After many years, that time is approaching, not this year but in the near future. In any case, we will try to ensure a long life for this application, and we also wish you the best with your golfing activities. Please feel free to contact us at any time - we have added a request form at the Contact Us page here at the website for your convenience.

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