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Our SweetSpot Software Division offers the following:
  • Standard and custom Society database applications, including integration with operational and bylaw requirements
  • Process/Management Software Services - custom expert advisory system development, neural network process analysis, custom work management applications.
  • Golf Tournament Software, including the free Sandbagger Golf Event Organizer© Personal Edition (see below), a unique and comprehensive tournament software package.

Free SweetSpot Applications
We are offering the following licensed applications absolutely FREE to anyone with a PC who is interested (no gimmicks, no advertising, no third party add-ins, nothing to buy!), and these are guaranteed virus free when downloaded from this site. Also, to download and use each app your personal data will never be requested or collected by us - you can even protect personal data in each app using an included optional security feature.

To view a summary of features and prerequisites/help for installing each, please use a Help button below. If you still have any questions or problems, use the Contact Us button above or chat with us when the Chat feature is online.

The SandBagger Golf Event Organizer © 
New Release Now Available! (01-Jan-22)

The award winning free SandBagger (Series VIII, 35th Anniversary Personal Edition) is a free licensed and copyrighted PC software application offered to those of you in the golfing community who need to organize a social or company golf tournament. New and update downloads are available by clicking on the picture at left.

This application allows an organizer to manage all aspects of typical golf events/competitions, from registration to scoring. You do not require a detailed knowledge of golf to use the SandBagger as there is detailed help available every step of the way.

The SweetSpot Household Inventory ©
New Release Now Available! (01-jan-22)

We are now making available to everyone a free household inventory application. Many of you will have experienced loss of belongings through disaster damage or theft, and have been forced to deal with insurance companies or the government to cover the loss. Without a comprehensive list with replacement cost of the items you have lost, you will often find it very difficult to accurately estimate your insurance needs or to recover the total amount required to replace lost items. The SweetSpot Household Inventory will give you an easy way to create lists of your household items that you can use should you need to. New and update downloads are available by clicking on the picture at left.

PLEASE NOTE: An unlock ID is required to start the application the first time! This ID is available to users of the current SandBagger version simply by clicking on the SweetSpot image on the Credits screen. If you are not a SandBagger user, you can get a free ID  by using the Contact Us button above, or the Chat button when chat is online.

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