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The Household Inventory
Although there is the chance a weather event, fire or accident will not affect us, the potential is always there for it to happen, and climate induced disasters are on the rise around the world. Insurance and/or government assistance may come to the rescue, but without a personal effects inventory it is very difficult to assess the damage and provide proof of loss. We have often been surprised an application to capture an inventory of personal items is not readily available from other sources. To assist with that effort, this free application will give you the means to capture the cost of items associated with your household (and to estimate insurance requirements). Three databases are included in the application to do this.

  > A General Inventory that includes items that are usually significant by themselves
      (significant cost or need to be precisely described), and are covered by most basic
      homeowner insurance policies.
  > A Minor Inventory that covers groups of low cost, consumable or other items that would
      not normally be identified individually (such as small tools and kitchen ware, DVDs,
      food, paper products, etc.) and you do not wish these items to clutter up the main
      inventory. Cost or allowance for each can be included, and all minor item costs will
      be grouped together by type and automatically added to the General Inventory
      total costs.
  > Most insurance companies require a separate policy, or attachment to a household
      policy at additional cost, to cover such things as special and/or luxury items (such
      as expensive jewelry, antiques, collections, etc.). A Scheduled Inventory is included that
      allows you to capture these items.

Using these databases, this application is designed to give you a way to capture all items of value and allows you to record any items you have lost or have had stolen over the years.

Be sure to read the sections below before attempting to download and install the Household Inventory! To obtain a free ID code needed to first use this application, use the Contact Us button (or the Chat button when chat is online). Also use one of these methods to send us a question or if you need help or wish to give us feedback.
Installation Prerequisites SweetSpot free applications must be installed on a PC and will only work without problems:

            > With an installed  copy of Windows 8 or newer
            > With an installed 32 Bit version of Access 2013 or newer
            > Installed on a hard drive on your PC

If you have a version of Office installed, before attempting to install the Household Inventory be sure it is a 32 Bit version - a 64 Bit version will not work! You CAN try to use Windows 7 and/or Access 2007 or 2010 (with SP1) installed, but be prepared for a problem sooner or later. The reason for this is because older versions of Windows and Access are no longer supported by Microsoft and are considered obsolete. Also, you cannot install this application on removable memory, and only on a LAN drive with an appropriate Access version already installed on your LAN server.

We are often asked why our free apps will not work using a 64 bit version of Office - Access in this version is intended for use with very large complex database applications that require full 64 Bit data management, and is quite different from the 32 Bit version in the way it processes application code. Since almost all users of our applications will never need this processing capability, we will not be offering apps that can use it. If you are using 64 Bit Office 365 (and NOT an MSI version), we recommend you consider uninstalling it and installing the 32 bit version instead before attempting to install the Household Inventory - the average user will never see a performance difference! However, you may have serious problems trying to do this with an Access MSI version installed (thank you Microsoft).

The current download packages available at this website replace all pre-2021 installation packages - all included files have been virus checked by Virus Total and then code signed. As this website is also protected with an SSL certificate, it is safe to download and use them.
If you have any problems with a download, see the Windows Download Security section below.
Windows Download Security All current Microsoft operating systems use a SmartScreen security process which checks every file new to your PC for potential risks, and that includes .exe file downloads such as those from this site. For free applications, it is not practical for us to go through a Microsoft certificating process (very costly) which would allow these free downloads to pass without warning. In any case, you should always be satisfied the files you are downloading are from a reputable source. However, if you do have a reputable virus protection software package (such as McAfee)  installed on your PC, you can also be sure it will check every file you attempt to use for a safety issue.

For as long as ICSE has been in business, we have never had a virus issue with any of our products! When downloading a file (such as one available above) and depending on your browser and its update status, you may encounter one of several different blocking options in the download taskbar.

To keep and use the SweetSpot download:
     >  If you are asked what to do with the download, just select "Open";  If  you see a "Keep" option, select that;
     >  If the download is blocked you may see a blocking screen or three option dots  ("...") - 
          each will give you an  option to keep the download and continue.

After download completes and you try to run a downloaded program file, you may then see the a SmartScreen "Windows protected your PC"  screen.
     >  If a blue screen, click on "More Information" and then "Run Anyway";
     >  If you see a different screen, you will see an option to run the file anyway - find and click that.

Older browsers and those that have not been recently updated may have a variation of these actions - if you are having a problem figuring out what to do, contact us using the button above (or Chat when it is online) and we will try to sort it out for you.
History SweetSpot staff have used a version of the Household Inventory for many years, and given the recent widespread weather anomalies, in 2020 we decided to make a free version available to everyone.
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