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        SweetSpot Household Inventory©
                                (Personal Edition)  

New Install Download: (  01-Jan-21)
There are very important prerequisites which must be met before free SweetSpot applications can be successfully installed - use the Help button for more information.
Please use the button at left to download the absolutely free Household Inventory application. It cannot be used to update your existing copy - use the Update download below.  This download is installed in two parts - first the Inventory application, and then the optional Access 2013 Runtime if it is recommended.
WARNING: An unlock ID is required to start the application the first time! This ID is available to users of the current SandBagger version by clicking on the SweetSpot image on the Credits screen. For everyone else, you can get a free ID from us with no obligation by using the Contact Us button above or using the Chat button when Chat is online.
Update Download: (  01-Jan-21)
An update to the SweetSpot Household Inventory application (which includes all previous updates and updates the app notifications and the location setup option) is now available. To avoid problems, it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your copy up to date - use this Update Download at any time after the application is installed.

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