SandBagger Resources
(Personal Edition)

Using the SandBagger

Even if you don't plan on using the free SandBagger (Personal Edition), installing it will give you access to a great deal of information about organizing social or company golf tournaments. The help files in the SandBagger provide comprehensive information about using the application, as well as general information about golf tournament management. There are a number of guides available from the Help and Support screen in the application, including the following:

    The Application Guide:  This guide provides comprehensive information about the application and
              includes instructions about downloading, using and troubleshooting it as well as a Product Sheet,
              a files list and the EULA. This guide is also available at the Downloads page here.
    The User Help Guide:  This guide is a compilation of all the help files available in the application, and
              includes background, use, tips, reference and possible handicapping options information.
    The Novice Checklist:   For those of you new to social or company tournament management, this
              guide includes a description of the steps needed to completely manage your tournament.

This application has literally hundreds of option combinations to handle just about any situation you encounter, including holding single or multi-competition events over one or more days. There are lots of tournament packages available for purchase in the market, but we don't know of any (especially free ones) that come even close to the capabilities of the SandBagger. As well as including all the features you would expect of a tournament management package, some of the capabilities that differentiate this application give you the ability to:

     >  Send emails from within the application to any players/participants
     >  Assign customized payment options to each player/participant, capture their
          tournament payments and print or email receipts
     >  Print option and draw tickets for players/participants
     >  Create and manage hole and score competition prize lists
     >  Use OMR cards to enter player scores if desired
     >  Secure the application with a password if needed

Got a question about organizing your tournament (or any social or company golf tournament), or do you need help or wish to give us feedback about your experience with the SandBagger application? Send it to us using the Contact Us button on the Home screen.
SandBagger History The SandBagger's roots go back a long way, long before our company was created in 1994. In 2020, it had been 35 years since we created the first golf tournament software application, and we released the first version of the SandBagger to the public in 1995. This initial DOS version used Paradox© 3.5 as its processing engine, and did not even offer mouse support! Over the years we have migrated it through several versions of Paradox© and MS Access©, publishing the first true Windows version in 1997.

Our goal over the last ten years has been to create and make available a free PC application that will support as many social and company tournament setups as is practical. Since releasing the first free copy in 2010, the free SandBagger has undergone literally hundreds of changes, primarily to expand its capabilities in response to user requests and to make it as trouble free and as user friendly as possible. To accommodate the changes we have had to build on and modify legacy code, and the application code has grown exponentially to currently over 15 000 lines. These changes have also resulted in numerous updates to the application, and we have greatly appreciated  our users' patience.

As well as dealing with anomalies when building on legacy code, using MS Access as the processing engine has presented many challenges, mainly because of that company's ongoing evolution of it's Office and operating system products. With a lot of legacy code still in the application, we continue to frequently audit operation, make adjustments as needed and issue updates.
About Our Company ICSE Group Inc. was incorporated in 1994 as an engineering consulting company supporting automation efforts in the Oil and Gas Industry. SweetSpot Software was added as a registered division to separate software development efforts from day to day engineering work. In 2015 the company ceased engineering work but has continued software development, with plans to cease operation entirely in 2022. However, we will support the SandBagger as long as we can after that.
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